Dell Computer Repair Los Angeles

Dell Computer Repair Los Angeles


Dell Computer Repair Los Angeles

Your computer needs attention and quite urgently, do  you just take it to the first Dell Computer Repair Los Angeles computer shop or do you look around to find on that offers reliability, excellent knowledge of Dell Computers, and how long will you be without your computer.


Fast and Reliable


Most people can’t afford to be without their computers, certainly not for two or even three weeks before they get it back.  So one of the first questions you need to ask is their turn around time.  First you should get a quote from several computer repair shops in Los Angeles, and then ask them how long they will need to complete the repairs.  Downtime for most business means loss of earnings; this is especially relevant if you are a small business with one or two computers that you totally rely on.  If the company says 2-3 weeks before you will get your computer back then you need to look further to a company who offers a better turn around policy.


How much is their hourly rate

One of the next questions  you need to ask is their hourly rate, this can be a problem with some computer repair companies and they charge a very high fee and then take their time repairing your computer, at the end of the day  you have a large bill, long downtime and loss of money all round.

Check with the computer company for their set price list.   Many of them may have them posted on their display window.  Ask for a quotation that is solid and ensure that they will contact you should there be a change in costings before repair. You don’t want a huge surprise when you collect your computer.  Written quotes are the best as a company has to comply with the quote they give you.

Are the technicians qualified?

This is a tricky question and one that should be available to your when you ask for it.  Check if the computer technicians are A+ certified, it’s not always guaranteed that the technician is A+ at repairs but it does indicate that the technician is prepared to undergo the necessary tests to get certified to do the best job they can.  Check which technicians are certified and ask for a certified technician to deal with your computer.

Gut instinct can often be reliable

Many people get a gut instinct feeling when dealing with computer repair technician, if your gut says don’t trust is sometime a good idea to follow that instinct and look elsewhere.   You need to feel confident in the technician that will handle your computer.   At times there may be valuable and sensitive information that is on your computer.

Finding a trustworthy computer company who will handle your computer problem with complete confidence, will ensure confidentiality of sensitive data, and offer an excellent turnaround time.  Has full knowledge of Dell Computer repairs Los Angeles, and will offer a binding obligation free quotation so that you don’t have any surprises when the repairs are complete.

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